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It is essential to immerse your business in a strong culture of revenue management in order to make your hotel venture a success. We must choose the most efficient distribution channels, introduce revenue-enhancing methodologies, apply yield management and dynamic pricing techniques, manage operating costs efficiently, and incorporate all staff in this culture.

Our Revenue Management services include but not limited to:

- Outsourcing yield, revenue & dynamic pricing management

- Selecting distribution channels

- Define bespoke strategies relevant to your business

- Property representation to online travel agents market managers and representatives

- Management of distribution systems operating costs


When you feel you can't do it all and there are elements of your hotel plan you need to enhance, but you're eluded, we've got the answer. We are a specialist hotel administration and management consulting company that is ready to provide you with the services and resources you need and to accomplish the hotel improvement you require. We would offer you solutions that are customized precisely to your needs. Let's start the road to your business success together.

Our commitment to you are:

Solid experience

Constant updates

You're going to work less

- Every day by your side 

- Leadership from within 

Assist with management


We are specialized in maximizing your hotel investment return. We strategically improve your financial results in the short-term through profit optimization and long-term through operational cost control and real estate asset management. We improve operational efficiency and results by pro-active participation in your hotel business, control cash flow, maximize capital expenditure to increase property profits and value.

Whether you are buying or selling your hotel, resort, motel or serviced apartment business, we can assist you with diverse support in preparing budgets and forecasts, current business inspection and analysis, business plan and Due Diligence. We provide owner representation and monitoring services to maximize returns and enhance asset value in your hospitality properties.

We have access to highly competitive hospitality architects, interior designers and product suppliers who can help delivering your new built or renovation projects at very competitive price and in timely manner to avoid any displacement of revenue and profitability.

Our areas of expertise are: 

Operations management

Revenue, distribution, sales & marketing management

Finance & cost controls

Suppliers sourcing and due diligence

- Property inspection and business health check

Pre-opening management

Concept & design management

Branding & positioning

Budgeting & forecasting

- Buying or selling due diligence


Through our team of sales representatives across New Zealand and Australia we can assist you in driving more business to your hotel. Whether you need to attract corporate travel, be included in the multi-nationals preferred hotel programs or be included in the principal tour operator brochures, Revtrak can support your hotel with sales representation.

We have access to thousands of corporate travel buyers, IATA travel agents, tour operators, incentive houses, meeting and conference planners, and – not least - the headquarters operations of many international companies and national organisations. We will basically function as a local extension of your sales and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost of full company presence.

We will conduct personal sales visits to travel agencies, business travel management companies or the Managing Director’s PA - on a regular and consistent basis, to build long term relationships. Industry sectors are not limited to hi-tech, software, manufacturing, fashion, banking, pharmaceutical, financial or communications. We have the aim to place your hotel on the Preferred Listings for all such sectors’ corporate programs.

Other related services that we offer to our clients are:

Hotel GDS

- Hotel Social media marketing 

- Hotel online distribution

- Search engine optimisation (SEO)

- Google ranking solutions


We specialise in the Development of Projects for the creation of a hotel, resort, serviced apartment or motel project. If you are taking the first steps towards launching or rejuvenating your hospitality business, we invite you to save energy, effort, time and money. You have a dream, let´s make it a reality.

We will define the feasibility of your project, and the most suitable concept and commercial strategy. Allow yourself to save energy, time and money while we make your project more profitable.

Our key expertise in this area are:

- Knowledge of the market

- Optimisation of resources

- Adaptability to all kind of hotels

- Commitment to your business

- Feasibility analysis

- Profitability study

- Commercial strategy planning

- Guide to obtaining financial funding

Does your company need our services? Message us today.

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